About this page...

Greetings. Thank you for visiting my Viking website. I have long been interested in the Viking Age and have an extensive collection of books about the Viking Age as well as replicas and even a few artifacts. I am very interested in getting some input on what people think of the page. Please let me know what you like and don't like. I would also like some suggestions about what you would like to see. I think this site is a pretty good introduction to the Vikings. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything that involves Vikings. I have tons of books and feel pretty knowledgeable about the subject. I'm also very happy to be involved in any conversations involving the subject.

Now I would just like to make a note about my pics. I have downloaded many pics off other sites throughout the years. Many of these pics have now been included in this site. Unfortunetly I did not keep track of every website I downloaded from. I think I have a link for every site I may have taken a pic from, but I've collected these pics over a long period of time, so I'm not certain. So I would like to thank any site that I am using a pic from. Thank you.

Well that's it from me. Hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to hearing some input.


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