General Viking links
Odin's Castle: Lots of links.

Weapons and Armor you can buy
Viking Shield: Great place to buy Viking Age replicas. Best shields you'll find plus many other items.

Norse Gods and Myths
A List of Norse Beings:Good site for Norse Myths.
Asatru Folk Assembly: the Norse religion still lives.
Encyclopedia Mythica: Norse Mythology: Very good site. Sometimes down though. Try again if it's not working today.
The Odinic Rite: another Asatru site. Lots of great information on the gods.
Odin's Home Page: has some interesting information about Odin.
Svava's tribute to the gods: Good page about the Norse gods.

Norse Runes
Runes, Alphabet of Mystery
The Runic Journey

Viking Ships
Leif Ericson Vikingship
Longship Company, Ltd.
The Briese-Bane Viking Ships Information Centre

Leif Erikson
Leif Erikson: Lots of great info. on Leif.
LEIF ERICSSON: A short article about Leif.

Viking Art
Visions of the Mythic North: Very cool pictures. Mostly pics of the Norse Gods.

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