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While they lived, the Vikings terrified the world. During the Middle Ages their fame was broadcast throughout the world, even by those they had subdued. They came from the cold and hostile North. They pillaged monastaries, sacked and set villages on fire, and profaned churches.

The above is what many people think of when they think of the Vikings. Certainly much of it is true but there is also much more to them. They were not just filthy barbarians and were in fact very civilized. This site will cover the legends as well as the facts.

Perhaps the legends are true...

History 12/25/05
Viking Life 12/2/00
Viking Weapons and Armor 2/11/01
Viking Ships 8/18/00
Norse Gods 8/5/00
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Viking Movies and Music 8/28/07
Viking Funnies 10/28/06
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