War Of The Gods by Poul Anderson: The story of King Hadding. Hadding was raised by giants far from his rightful throne, as his father, a Danish king, was slain shortly after Hadding's birth. But the time comes when Hadding feels he must reclaim his legitimate place in the land of the North. He must endure ferocious battles, the charms of voluptuous Valkyries, and a War Of The Gods to rival Armageddon. Awesome book!

Rinegold by Stephan Grundy: This is a fantastic telling of the Volsung saga. Starts from the very beginning and ends with Sigmunds death. Awesome book!

The Last Viking by Poul Anderson: This is a three book series about King Harald Sigurdharson. Poul takes the original stories and rewrites them with a little fiction. A must read if you want to know about King Harald.

Egil's Saga written by Snorri Sturluson and translated by Hermann Palsson and Paul Edwards. From the time Egil performs his first murder at the age of six to the more peaceful years of his dotage, he dominates this panoramic Viking history.

Hrolf Kraki's Saga written by Poul Anderson. Excellent retelling of the saga of Hrolf Kraki. A must read.

Edda written by Snorri Sturluson and translated by Anthony Faulkes. Book includes Gylfaginning, Skaldskaparmal, and Hattatal. Stories of the Norse gods.
The Long Ships by Frans G Bengtsson: The movie by the same name is based very loosely on this book. Original title Röde Orm. Haven't read it, but hear from a good source that it is a very good book.

The Viking by Edison Marshall: This is the book that the movie, "The Vikings" is based on. Very good book.

Eaters Of The Dead by Michael Crichton: This is the book that the movie, "13th Warrior" is based on. Book is a little bit better than the movie. Movie was cut a little too much and left a lot of holes. Book explains everything much better. It is Crichton's version of the Beowulf story.

The Hammer and The Cross by Harry Harrison: Takes place in 865 A.D. Shef, the bastard son of a Norse raider and a captive English lady, is torn by divided loyalties and driven by strange visions that seem to come from Odin himself. Very good book. Has many historical characters in it. This is how history could have happened.

One Kings Way by Harry Harrison: A craftsman, visionary, and warrior, Shef has risen from slavery to become king of a mighty Viking nation.

King and Emperor by Harry Harrison: Driven by prophetic dreams, the Viking warrior Shef has become the One King, the undisputed ruler of the North. Now he must face the reborn power of the Holy Roman Empire.

Warriors of The Way by Harry Harrison: A hard cover book that combines The Hammer and the Cross and One Kings Way.

Haakon Book 1: The Golden Ax by Eric Neilson: Good book about a Viking hero. Very enjoyable read.

Norse Myths
Dictionary Of Norse Myth and Legend by Andy Orchard: Very good book for Norse myths. Has many terms that I had never heard of.

The Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland: Very fun book to read. Lots of good stories based on the Norse Myths.

The Vikings by Howard La Fay: Good introduction to the Vikings.

The Vikings- Lords of the Seas by Yves Cohat: Lots of good Viking information.

Cultural Atlas of the Viking World by James Graham-Campbell: My favorite book. Not only does it give lots of great information, but the pictures are just awesome. I've paged through it many times just to look at the pictures.

The Vikings by Ian Heath: One of the Osprey Military series books. Lots of good information and pics of original weapons and armor. Also great color illustrations depicting Vikings. Very historically accurate.

The Vikings And Their Origins by David M. Wilson: Good general book about the Vikings. Lots of pics I hadn't seen before.

Rune Power by Kenneth Meadows: Very good book about the runes.

If anyone knows of any more good Viking books please email me with them or put them on the message board. I'm particularly interested in good fiction.

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