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Weapons and Armor

This page will be mostly for pictures, and information on real Viking weapons and armor you can buy. If you want a good historical view of what weapons and armor the Vikings used, check out the Viking Answer Lady she has a great section on weapons and armor.

Viking Sword by Armaduras
This is a very impressive looking 11th century reproduction Viking Sword by Armaduras. The hilt is carefully crafted with traditional Viking motif found at the battle of Clontarf in 1014AD. It has a broad edged blade and rounded tip, which is designed for cutting rather than thrusting. This sword is 41" in length and made of 440 stainless steel. Very cool looking Viking sword. But it really is just decorative. It doesn't have a very sturdy feel, and it is made of stainless steel. Try to pay around $100.

Viking Sword by United Cutlery
Polished high carbon steel blade with a blood groove and a solid wood handle with imitation leather wrap. It has an overall length of 36-1/2" and a 30" blade, 3/16" thick. Solid brass guard and pommel plus a genuine leather scabbard with a brass collar and tip. I bought this from The Knifecenter and had good service. For around $50 I'd say it's a good buy. Very nice quality. It's made by United Cutlery and so far I am happy with everything I have of theirs.

Thor Dagger by United Cutlery
The thunder god Thor threw lightning bolts, after which this dagger was fashioned. Dagger has a 420J2 polished, stainless steel blade. Handle has a black ABS grip with brass wire twisted around it. Overall 14 3/4", blade 8 3/4". Includes table stand for display. Very cool looking dagger. Not at all historical, but the hilt looks kinda Viking. It's just fun to have.

More weapon reviews coming soon...

Albion Armorers: Lots of great stuff. Full line of Del Tin swords! Best production Viking swords you can get. Great service.
Sword Forum International: Great place to learn about swords. Can find out all you need to know right here.
Curious Antiquities: Very cool place. I've actually been to their store, and they are very good guys. They have a lot more than is on the website. I bought a very cool Viking axe there and intend to buy more from them soon.
The Knifecenter: They have a lot of stuff. I had good service.
U.S. Cavalry: Very good service and good prices.
Swords 'n' Stuff: Good selection. Have never ordered from them.
Tuscany Trading Co.: Have some Viking stuff. Haven't ordered from them.
Arms and Armor: Looks like they have lots of neat stuff. Haven't had a good look at the site yet.
Medieval Replicas: Lots of interesting Viking stuff. Looks well priced. Haven't ordered from here.
Discount Knives: hard to navigate page. This link brings you to the marto stuff. They have some cool swords and a dagger. Good luck finding any other Viking stuff. Haven't ordered from here.

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